ARCA RE/mAX press releases

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009 Race #21 Rockingham Post-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - ESR Caps Off Season With Championship

#11 Bryan Silas - Solid Rockingham Finish Propels Bryan Silas To Sixth In Points

#36 Robb Brent - Brent 21st At Rockingham; Secures Top-10 Points Finish

2009 Race #21 Rockingham Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - From Kansas Winds To Rockingham Road For Bryan Silas

#36 Robb Brent - Rockingham Concludes First Full Season For Robb Brent

#60 Patrick Sheltra - No Bull: Patrick Sheltra Pinked Out For Rockingham

2009 Race #20 Kansas Post-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton Finishes Second at Kansas, Leads Points Entering Finale

#20 Tom Hessert III - Kansas complete

#36 Robb Brent - Strong Run Foiled For Robb Brent At Kansas Speedway

#60 Patrick
Sheltra - Sheltra Makes Remarkable Recovery In ARCA’s Kansas Lottery 150

2009 Race #20 Kansas Pre-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton looks to Kansas to extend points lead

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas To Make 70th Career ARCA Start At Kansas

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Looks To Keep Kansas Flame Burning

#60 Patrick Sheltra - ARCA Race Kicks Off Busy Weekend For Patrick Sheltra

2009 Race #19 Salem Post-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton leads the way to sixth race win, points lead at Salem

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas Keeps Top-10 Streak Alive At Salem

#20 Tom Hessert III - Hessert Stays Focused for Top-10 Finish

Matt Merrell - Merrell bounces back to 13th at Salem

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Fast But Endures Tough Finish At Salem

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Makes Most Of Salem Rumble

2009 Race #19 Salem Pre-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Salem short track welcome stop for Lofton

#32 Matt Merrell - Merrell planning full assault at Salem

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Looks To Keep Performance Streak Alive At Salem

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Eyeing Salem Sweep For Team

2009 Race #18 New Jersey Post-Race

#20 Tom Hessert III - Hessert Hustles to First Top-10 Finish at his Home Track 

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Has Career Weekend At New Jersey Motorsports Park

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Turns Away From New Jersey With Top-10 Finish

2009 Race #18 New Jersey Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - From Dirty DuQuoin To Road Course Jungle For Bryan Silas

2009 Race #17 DuQuoin Post-Race

#2 Tim George Jr - Challenges on the DuQuoin dirt throw a curve at Team ESR

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton finishes sixth

#81 Craig Goess Jr. - Challenges on the DuQuoin dirt throw a curve at Team ESR

2009 Race #17 DuQuoin Pre-Race

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Looks For Magic On DuQuoin Dirt

2009 Race #16 Toledo Post-Race

#2 Tim George Jr - George Jr. has solid run at Toledo, anticipating dirt return

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton scores win number five, extends point lead at Toledo

#21 Michel Disdier - Disdier Finishes With an Impressive Top-15

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Fights Hard Under Tough Circumstances At Toledo

2009 Race #16 Toledo Pre-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton excited about Valvoline Instant Oil Change

#11 Bryan Silas - George Jr. to make second start at Toledo

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Hopes To Keep Momentum Train Rolling At Toledo

2009 Race #15 Chicagoland Post-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton wins Chicagoland for fourth win of the season

Tom Hessert III - Hessert and the No. 20 Team Perservere Despite Parts Problem

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent’s Stout Run Comes Up Short At Chicagoland

Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Fights With The Bulls; Delivers Top-10 At Chicagoland

#81 Craig Goess Jr. - Goess comes home eighth at Chicagoland

2009 Race #15 Chicagoland Pre-Race

#2 Tim George Jr - George Jr. returns to where it all began; Chicagoland

#6 Justin Lofton - Chicagoland awaits Lofton, No. 6 team

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas Dusting Off The Dirt Heading To Chicagoland

#36 Robb Brent - Back To Reality For Robb Brent At Chicagoland

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Looking To Blow The Competition Away In Chicago

#68 Stuart Kirby - Stuart Kirby Anxiously Preparing For Return To ARCA

#74 JR Heffner - BCR Racing Looking For Another Noteworthy Effort In The Windy City

Race #14 Illinois Post-Race

#09 Tom Hessert III - Overheating problems lead to a 23rd-place finish

 #2 Tim George Jr - Team ESR drivers nab sixth, 14th on the dirt in Springfield

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton earns pole, leads laps, grabs another top 10 on dirt track

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Secures Top-10 Finish In Springfield Debut

Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Back On Track; Grabs Podium Finish At Springfield

#81 Craig Goess Jr. - Team ESR drivers nab sixth, 14th on the dirt in Springfield

2009 Race #14 Illinois Pre-Race

#2 Tim George Jr - George Jr. anxious to get racing again

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton looks to make it three straight, add dirt track to wins list

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Offered Another Shot At Victory Through Springfield

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Ready To Handle Pressure Of Springfield

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Hungry For Victory At Springfield

2009 Race #13 Pocono Post-Race

#09 Tom Hessert III - Pit Strategy Key to a Career First Top 10

#2 Tim George Jr - George Jr. finishes top 20 in hard fought Pocono race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton wins Pocono, reclaims points lead

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Just Misses Top-10 Finish At Pocono Raceway

#81 Craig Goess Jr. - Goess gets career-best at Pocono

2009 Race #13 Pocono Pre-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton planning back-to-back wins this weekend in Pocono

#20 Mike Holt - Team ESR has ride ready and waiting for next young talent

Matt Merrell - Merrell Looking For Repeat Performance At Pocono Raceway

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Looking For Similar Success At Pocono Raceway

Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Looks For Another Podium Finish At Pocono Raceway

2009 Race #12 Berlin Post-Race

#2 Tim George Jr - Tight quarters at Berlin bites George Jr.

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton debuts new approach at Berlin, dominates for win

#21 Michel Disdier - Michel Disdier Debuts at Berlin with a 16th Place Finish

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Answers Berlin Debut With Career Best Finish

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Posts Top-15 Effort At Berlin Raceway

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra 14th At Berlin Raceway

2009 Race #12 Berlin Pre-Race

#6 Justin Lofton - Lofton excited about short track return

#15 Justin Lloyd - Justin Lloyd to debut in ARCA this weekend at Berlin

Matt Merrell - Merrell Looking To Put Win-Tron Racing Back On Track At Berlin

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Preparing For Berlin Debut

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Ted Musgrave Heads To Berlin Raceway With Sheltra Motorsports

2009 Race #11 Kentucky Post-Race

#09 Tom Hessert - Hessert Brings Home First Top-10 Finish

Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Earns Well Deserved; Hard Fought Top-10 At Kentucky

#74 JR Heffner - BCR Racing Leaves Statement At Kentucky; Focused On Future

2009 Race #11 Kentucky Pre-Race

#1 Charlie Vest - Vest to run the ABR LoanMax No. 1 for Kentucky

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Looking To Continue Kentucky Success

Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Looks For Powerful Start To Second Half At Kentucky

2009 Race #10 Iowa Post-Race

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Conquers Iowa With 11th Place Finish

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Overcomes Adversity To Notch Top-15 Finish At Iowa

2009 Race #10 Iowa Pre-Race

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Looking To Continue Short Track Presence At Iowa

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Ready To Conquer Iowa Challenge

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Looks To Resurrect Season At Iowa

2009 Race #9 Mansfield Post-Race

#36 Robb Brent - Early Night For Robb Brent At Mansfield

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Endures Tough Night At Mansfield

2009 Race #9 Mansfield Pre-Race

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Banking On Previous Mansfield Experience

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Looking For Perfect Finish At Mansfield

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Expects Intense Race At Mansfield

2009 Race #8 Michigan Post-Race

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Earns Hard Fought Finish In Front Of Hometown Crowd

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Succumbs To Engine Failure At Michigan

2009 Race #8 Michigan Pre-Race

#21 Michel Disdier - Michel Disdier Enters Michigan For Racing For Wildlife 200

#36 Robb Brent - Hometown Race Crucial For Robb Brent At Michigan

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Racing For A Win At Michigan

2009 Race #7 Pocono Post-Race

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Looks Like A Veteran At Pocono Raceway

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Notches Another Top-10 At Pocono

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Scores Podium Finish At Pocono Raceway

2009 Race #7 Pocono Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas Ready To Conquer Pocono

#32 Matt Merrell - Matt Merrell Focuses On Biggest Race Of His ARCA Career

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Returns To Familiar Territory At Pocono

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Rides Rollercoaster All the Way to Pococo

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Looks For Stellar Performance At Pocono Raceway

2009 Race #6 Toledo Post-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas Fourth In Points After Toledo Finish

#21 Michel Disdier - Disdier Gains More Short Track Experience at Toledo

2009 Race #6 Toledo Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Silas Looking For Perfect Weekend At Toledo

#36 Robb Brent -
Robb Brent Prepared To Tackle Toledo Thunder

2009 Race #5 Kentucky Post-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Bryan Silas Posts Another Top-10 At Kentucky

#36 Robb Brent - Brent Delivers Second Top-10 Of The Year At Kentucky

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Returns To Top-10 Status At Kentucky

2009 Race #5 Kentucky Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Momentum On Bryan Silas’s Side Marching To Kentucky

#21 Michel Disdier - Disdier Returns To  The ARCA RE/MAX Series For 2009

#32 James Buescher - Buescher Back At The Controls For Win-Tron Racing At Kentucky

2009 Race #3 Rockingham Post-Race

#32 Matt Merrell - Merrell; Win-Tron Racing Surge To Top-Five Effort At The Rock

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Finishes Second At The Rock

2009 Race #3 Rockingham Pre-Race

#03 Stephan McCurley - PGM Racing To Give Out Free T-Shirts At Rockingham

#11 Bryan Silas - Silas Looks For Strong Run At Rockingham

#14 Nur Ali - Ali Team Up With Derrike Cope Inc.

#32 Matt Merrell - Looking To Give Win-Tron Racing More At Rockingham

#36 Robb Brent - Brent Looking To Make Most Of Rockingham Debut

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Hopes Momentum Continues At Rockingham

2009 Race #2 Salem Post-Race

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Storms To First Career ARCA Victory At Salem

2009 Race #2 Salem Pre-Race

#11 Bryan Silas - Silas Looks To Continue Strong Salem Presence

#25 Brett Hudson - Hudson Kicks Off 2009 ARCA Season In Familiar Surroundings

Matt Merrell - Merrell Looks For Grand Entrance In First ARCA Start Of '09

#36 Robb Brent - Robb Brent Anxious For First Salem Start

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Patrick Sheltra Focused As Ever Marching To Salem

 2009 Race #1 Daytona Post-Race

#32 James Buescher - Business As Usual For Win-Tron Racing After Glorifying Win

#45 Nur Ali - Despite Disappointment, Nur Ali Drives Diversity

2009 Race #1 Daytona Pre-Race

#8 Brian Scott - Strict Agenda For Brian Scott At Daytona

#11 Bryan Silas - This Is Daytona

#24 Mike Harmon - Mike Harmon Racing Daytona Preview

#45 Nur Ali - Asian-American Nur Ali Welcomes his Ambassador Role

#60 Patrick Sheltra - Sheltra Aims For Perfection At Daytona

#74 JR Heffner - Hopes Are High For BCR Racing At Daytona

#90 Gabi DiCarlo - DiCarlo Daytona Quick Facts

2009 Announcements

#19 Alli Owens - D’Hondt Motorsports, LLC Signs Alli Owens