“Merging Passions: NASCAR Legend James Hylton and Up And Coming Racer Chris Bailey Form Alliance!”

Pittsburgh, PA – March 1st, 2013) -- Who would have known that with what basically amounted to a “start and park” in a 1964 NASCAR race in Manassas, VA would produce two wins (one on a short track and another on a superspeedway), three runner-up NASCAR Cup points finishes, as well as the still on-going loyal following of legions of fans the world over would stretch into a driving career that is still going on to this day! But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and at the beginning of February, 77-year-old racing icon James Hylton of Inman, S.C. announced that he would step out of the driver’s seat after last month’s Daytona ARCA 200! Some fans have kidded the Roanoke, VA native that he has “said this before”, but the first “real” driver to make the #48 famous in NASCAR Cup racing, was serious and explained, "if I could drive until I was 90 years old, I would. But I need to face the facts. It's time to step aside as a driver and turn this car over to the younger generation. I don't want to lose the Hylton Motorsports race team. I'll be there next year as the general manager. We are definitely in the market to build up our race team and put younger drivers behind the wheel who can run up front."

In 2010, ARCA President Ron Drager, who has seen just about every racing talent known to mankind throughout his many years and in who’s ARCA Racing Series Hylton still competes in, became acquainted with a 23-year-old competitor’s resume of 113 feature wins, 19 championships in all sorts of divisions – the 2010 ARCA Truck Series Championship in his rookie season being one of the them – Drager immediately began looking for a seat in which the South Park, PA native could fill. After Hylton’s announcement at Daytona, Chris Bailey, Jr. was introduced to him and the rest, as they say, may be stock car history! Although their schedule together has not been solidified, Bailey is excited about the possibilities! “At least for me, I think it's awesome a legend like Hylton would want me to replace him, and running for his team, maybe we can be competitive together! When people see his name they take notice, and I for sure need the seat time, but I’m excited about our chances together!”

As the old saying goes in racing, though, ‘to make a small fortune in racing, you need to start with a big one’, and Hylton and Bailey are “shaking the bushes” as James explained! “We’ve been searching for a young driver of Chris’s caliber and the only thing holding us back is sponsorship. So we’re both looking to find some funds so we can go racing together! I'm excited about the future. I feel we have an honest-to-goodness chance to build the team to where we can be competitive. Next time we come to Daytona, we will have a car and driver capable of winning the race.” Bailey, who’s family could only fund a small portion of his efforts, has from the age of nine been gathering finances to race on the levels they wished to compete at and even began his career by selling his Beanie Baby collection, among other prized possessions chasing his countless checkered flags and trophies!

Either way, the merging passions of a half a century of Hylton’s experience coming together with the youthful talent of Bailey will be what the racing world will need to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future!”

For further information about getting involved with their endeavors, please contact James Hylton at 864-909-1158, or Chris Bailey, Jr. at 412-389-1117.