Jent Motorsports

A letter from Darrell E Jent Jr concerning us being accused of using someone to gain an Ilmor Engine

To whom it may concern,

Concerning the using of someone to get an engine is totally false. How do you use someone that you’ve sponsored in the past? One time being at Daytona when I drove back to North Carolina and then back to Daytona to pick up at check to the sum of $10,000 to the [redacted] team and never told anyone and never asked for recognition, and was not there on their garage pass. I was there on another teams garage pass. I sponsored the number 
[redacted] car to help him out at [redacted]. Then I sponsored the whole [redacted] car when Brandon lost his life and I was asked if they could sell the remaining spots for other sponsors and I agreed and didn’t ask for anything in return. I spent countless hours trying to promote a youtube video of this driver. The only thing I have ever asked them for is two garage passes for Chicagoland in 2015. There, I met a driver (not associated with [redacted]) in the Camping World Truck Series that I bought tires for and asked for nothing in return, and worked the pits for the guy. Also worked pits for the guy at Las Vegas and Talladega and didn’t make it public and I just did it to help out. I was told by a third party that no more engines were available so we asked a [redacted] public relations person if they knew where one was for lease or for sale. They said they can get one and they were owed a favor. I was willing to help that team with the Daytona race until I was sent a contract that I refused to sign. I called ARCA and asked if engines are available because I didn’t know where Ilmor was. I called Ilmor and talked to a man named Victor and he said there was an engine available. I don’t understand someone that I’ve sponsored in the past and given over $10,000 in sponsorships and $10,000 behind closed doors and then they say they were used because I called for a favor. We elected to do a fan appreciation car and we have sponsorships but we chose to do our first race our way. Jent Motorsports will be on the car. I give countless dollars to charities yearly. If we find the right driver, we will put another driver in the second car. Josh White had no money but was promising only $1,000 per month in sponsorships after he couldn’t come up with the first proposal that he had. We started checking his background and found that we were being lied to the whole time. We do not associate ourselves with people who lie to us. We have no financial trouble by any means. Anyone saying otherwise, is a liar.


Darrell E. Jent Jr.