Affarano Motorsports Statement about Daytona Testing

Affarano Motorsports

January 16, 2017
Affarano Motorsports
East Spencer, North Carolina

In response to numerous requests from reporters and members of the press, we felt it necessary to issue a blanket statement in regard to the situation that occurred for the 2017 Daytona ARCA Test that took place this past weekend.

On November 28, 2016, our organization, Affarano Motorsports, had received an inquiry via Facebook Messenger by Mr. Russell Henderson interested in determining the cost to rent a vehicle by our organization as he was interested in gathering together a team of drivers to take to the [above stated] Daytona ARCA Test.

After a lengthy conversation by phone with Mr. Henderson, and later transcribed in private message via Facebook for Mr. Henderson’s approval and agreement, we informed Mr. Henderson that we would have to update our ARCA vehicle to meet the current standards laid out by ARCA. At which time, Mr. Henderson thanked us for our time and said that he would get back to us.

We had no further contact with Mr. Henderson until such time as December 12, 2016, when he informed us that, due to an advertisement that he posted on Racing Junk’s website and other locations, he had lined up as many as five (5) drivers interested in participating in the January ARCA Test.

Again, we informed Mr. Henderson that we would require our portion of the money totaling ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) of which the majority of that money would go into to making sure that the vehicle, was able to meet the requirements and safety measures enforced by ARCA and that we would not begin work on the vehicle till such time as payment was received; furthermore, since the majority of the money was going into parts and labor in preparing the vehicle that it make the money issued by Mr. Henderson non-refundable, to which he agreed to.

After numerous attempts made by our organization to begin the large amount of work required to making the vehicle ready for his drivers, Mr. Henderson’s first payment of twenty-two hundred dollars ($2,200.00) was not sent or received by our organization until December 28, 2016.

Pressed for time to have the vehicle ready for his drivers, we continued to pursue Mr. Henderson for the remaining seventy-eight hundred dollars ($7,800.00) and after numerous dodging and excuses by Mr. Henderson, he finally complied by sending only another twenty-two hundred dollars ($2,200.00) on January 5, 2016… one week before the vehicle was to be in Daytona.

After many numerous attempts made on our part to sequester the remaining balance from Mr. Henderson to make sure the vehicle was ready for his drivers and upon receiving excuses and lies, we had determined that Mr. Henderson had either already spent the money he’d received by the drivers or failed to retain the remaining balance of the fifty-six hundred dollars ($5,600.00) our organization needed to finish the vehicle and stopped the work that we had been performing on said vehicle.

Because our organization had not received the full amount contracted and in writing by Mr. Henderson, and due to our commitment to attend NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series in February’s Daytona race, we determined it was not worth the added expense to our organization to travel down to Florida for the 2017 Daytona ARCA test.

However, it would come to our attention that Mr. Henderson, who not only failed to meet the obligations that he contracted with our organization, that he had ASLO failed to meet the expectations and commitments that he had made with the drivers who were expecting to rent a vehicle from Mr. Henderson for his test.

Furthermore, Mr. Henderson preceded to fabricate a story to those drivers, members of the press and to the officials of the ARCA Racing Organization defaming our Organization and stating that he had been wronged by our organization, Affarano Motorsports.

Learning of this, while still in our race shop in North Carolina, we proceeded to send the transcripts of all of our conversations with Mr. Henderson to those drivers, some members of the press and to the officials at ARCA…

Additionally, in conjunction with the drivers with whom Mr. Russell Henderson had defrauded, we will be attached in any lawsuit organized against Mr. Russell Henderson with a Defamation rider attached within that lawsuit and will provide to the courts all the transcripts, agreements, excuses, lies and private messages garnered during the course of the time that we were in contact with Mr. Russell Henderson to insure that these drivers and our organization receive the monies, any damages, attorney fees and court costs incurred by this grievous circumstance and make sure that the wrongdoing by the party responsible is firmly placed squarely on the person responsible.

Affarano Mortorsports