Professor Praytor Keeps On Rolling

Thomas Praytor

The 2016 ARCA Racing Series Season is in the books but Professor Thomas “Moose” Praytor keeps on rolling up miles as a CDL Instructor at Bishop State College.

Earlier this year Praytor started teaching students how to drive big rigs and earn their Commercial Driver’s License, the experience has been rewarding an eye opening.

“It has really been fulfilling working with students from all types of backgrounds. We can take a student who has a minimum wage job outlook and in 8 weeks we can give them an opportunity to have a career with a national trucking company,” said Praytor. “Last semester every one of our graduating students had jobs within a week.”

Praytor is no stranger to driving big rigs, he can be found behind the wheel of his Race Team’s Kenworth going to and from the track during the season. The ARCA Driver took his driving test at Bishop State and the student has become the instructor.

“The kids really relate to Thomas as an instructor. How do you argue with a guy that’s gone 200 MPH at Daytona and Talladega?” offered the Director of CDL Instructors at Bishop State, Brad Wallace.

In addition to collecting 81 consecutive ARCA starts over the last 4 seasons Praytor has been honing his teaching skills with a pit crew full of UNOH students.

“I’ve really learned a lot about preparing cars at this level and have enjoyed passing that along to our UNOH guys. We’ve had a lot of brand new crew members and I’ve been able to use the lessons I’ve learned from them in helping my students who have never been in a truck before.”

Praytor spends 3 or 4 half days a week teaching at Bishop State when he is not preparing cars for his ARCA Racing effort.

The ARCA Series Championship Banquets is slated for December 10th in Indianapolis.

Picture: Most recent graduating class and Chris Fisher with his CDL Certificate.