Project Semi Colon Ford Rumbles to Another Top 15 at Indy

Thomas Praytor ARCA

Racing in Indianapolis is always big but in the word of Donald Trump this weekend was “HUGE”. A stacked 35 car field filled with ARCA regulars and cars tied to the NASCAR garage racing down the street made for one of the most competitive short track events of the season.

Thomas “Moose” Praytor and his Project Semi Colon Ford unloaded strong off the hauler, half a second faster than last year’s Sioux Chief PowerPex 200 presented by Jive at Lucas Oil Raceway.

“Our shop work and the effort we are putting in to our cars before we go to the track are really paying off when we unload. Our Project Semi Colon Ford was close and we were able to tweak on it all during practice looking for more speed.”

The tweaks paid off and the Moose picked up another half second in qualifying and would roll off 22nd.  “Our car was good enough to be in the top 10 in a normal short track race but with the field we had Friday night we were 22nd.”

As has become the norm of late, the Sioux Chief PowerPex 200 ripped off 80 something green flag laps without a caution. The project Semi Colon Ford had crept its way to inside the top 20 conserving tires.

Under caution, the Moose came to pit road for 2 General Tires and Sunoco Fuel. Back under green the field would make another 30 laps when the caution flew and this time Praytor was almost in it.

Thomas Praytor at Indy
“I had a big run off of turn 2 and there was a car sideways and a bunch of smoke. I flat spotted all 4 tires getting wooed up.”

Now Praytor would need 4 Generals and a load of Sunoco. UNOH crew made a nice stop keeping the Project Semi Colon Ford on the same lap and then went next door to pit the 10 of Rick Clifton.

“We were a little out of sequence and the 4 new Generals were a lot of fun, we passed a lot of cars during that next segment. I think some of the Ilmores were surprised to see us slide by them.”

As the race wore on and the other teams got ahead on tires the Project Semi Colon Ford would come home a solid 15th.

“Out short track cars have really moved up a notch or 2 up this year and our Fords have been really good allowing us to make them better. One of these days we will have a new Ilmore and we will be able to give these guys a run for their money all the way to the finish. Congratulations to Chase Briscoe and the guys at Cunningham, that’s 3 in a row, they are making us all look bad. Proud to have Project Semi Colon on our car again, Amy and her team are doing a great job.”

Short 2 days in shop for Team DK-LOK before heading to Pocono for the ModSpace150.