Sarah Saves the Moose at Pocono

Max Force Racing

The DK-LOK Team rolled into Pocono for the ModSpace 125 looking to capitalize on a complete set of notes from a solid Spring race and a fresh motor. In the first lap of practice the new motor lost oil pressure and it looked like Thomas “Moose” Praytor and his DK-LOK Ford were headed back to Mobile, Alabama. Without any options Sarah Cornett-Ching and her Race 101 crew came to the rescue letting the Moose use their back up car to stay alive in the points race.

The DK-LOK Team made their way back from Indianapolis with a 2 day week in Mobile before heading to Pocono. A quick engine change for the motor that went sour in Indy for a fresh one, throw in a setup change from the short track for the Tricky Triangle and it was a busy 2 days.

“We were really under the gun back at the shop but our Mobile guys stepped as always and we got it done just in time to get in the truck for the 20 hour ride to Pocono.”

Tech inspection and pre-practice warm up all went to plan, the first lap on the track ended the plan and it looked like a whole lot more.

“Our fresh motor lost oil pressure on the first lap, I shut it off and my heart just sank. Without our big hauler we aren’t able to carry many spares and certainly not a motor. We looked around for a motor and almost everyone there was running the new motor. We were running out of options when Sarah (Cornett-Ching) found out we were having problems and she offered us her back up car.”

Thomas Praytor at Pocono 2015

The Race 101 Team unloaded their back up and the DK-LOK team finished up the final preparations and Praytor even made qualifying. Because of ARCA rules regarding changing cars the Moose changed numbers on the 2 to a 12 and would not be in his usual # 9 DK-LOK Ford but the pink trimmed Race 101 Chevrolet.

Rules dictated the newly designed 12 would start last and in an effort to make sure Sarah had the car back in one piece wouldn’t make many laps. The Moose was able to improve a few spots leaving the race early with a 28th place finish.

“I can’t thank Sarah and the Race 101 team enough for all they did for us this weekend. Without her offering me her car we would have been sunk in the points. All the team really went out of their way to keep us going. Our series is truly a big family.”

Another short week in Mobile and another engine change before climbing back in the hauler for Berlin, Michigan.

Picture: Praytor ready to roll off pit road in his freshly minted #12 Race 101 Chevrolet.