Sour Motor Makes for Short Night in Chicago for Praytor

Max Force Racing 20th Anniversary

Over the last 5 seasons Chicagoland Speedway has been feast or famine for Thomas “Moose” Praytor and his Mobile, Alabama based DK-LOK Team, 2017 famine.

With Tab Boyd on the roof spotting the DK-LOK Ford unloaded 5 tenths off of their 2016 speed and the team quickly went to making changes.

Thomas Praytor Chicagoland 2017“Having Tab on the roof and the Boss on the ground we quickly started making gains on speed and handling. The bumps down in turn 3 really upset our DK-LOK Ford, with Tabs help I started adjusting my style and line it made a big difference on the bumps.”

As the hour and half practice moved forward Praytor kept ticking off faster lap times until he was quicker than 2016 and still gaining.

“Practice was going great and going down the back stretch the motor just went flat.”

The team went to work on the motor and had it running for qualifying.

Thomas Praytor Chicagoland“I made a lap and the motor was just done. We had done all we could and Darrell Basham came over and went to work on it, dead. With 20 minutes to go before race time we had to go to the backup car to just make the race and stay in the top 10 for the Championship.”

The team unloaded the backup car and with help from a couple of other team was able to make the starting grid.

“I’m glad we had the backup but with just 20 minutes to get it ready to race all we were able to do was get it ready to make a few laps. Not what we were looking for but it was a big win for us. We kept my start streak alive and we were able to make the start to keep up in the points chase for this year’s Championship.”

No rest for the weary, Team DK-LOK will be back at it on Friday at Kentucky Speedway.