Team Stange Brings Major Game Changing Technology to Motorsports

Team Stange Racing

Team Stange has does what no other team in motorsports has ever done, and goes virtual. Chicago based motorsports team, Team Stange Racing, LLC has ushered in a new era by announcing their exclusive partnership with Montreal based Apollo Studios and Nucleus VR. Apollo and Nucleus are at the forefront of VR technology and specialize in Virtual Reality content. Nucleus and Apollo have been structuring a deal with Team Stange’s marketing arm, Stange Integrated for the past 12 months.

With the Team Stange Virtual Reality Race Experience, Sponsors and fans will be able to experience first-hand what it takes to be a motorsports competitor and what actually goes on in the car as the race unfolds, to hear the communications between the pit crew, driver and crew chief and experience the high speed adrenaline rush.

The Team Stange VR Race Experience is an intense, immersive, live-action thrill-ride. Viewers could enjoy the experience either on a special gimbal motion system that will bring to life each turn, skid and acceleration as the car blasts its way to the finish line. Add a hyper-real 360 binaural sound track and you’ve got an incredible race ride. For partners and sponsors, live-action VR/360 shooting techniques and high-end CGI will allow sponsor logos on the raceway ads or blimp banners to change during the race. Within the next 90 days Stange Integrated will be setting up appointments for interested sponsors to check this out and see the options on how this tool can be used to promote their brand and be used in their Sponsorship activation.

This is another tool that Team Stange offers its sponsors and partners that creates brand awareness, emotional experiences connected to your brand while positioning your company at the forefront of technology.