Testing Opportunities This Weekend With Jent Motorsports For Only $1,000!

Jent Motorsports

TESTING THIS WEEKEND! But you have to hurry!

Jent Motorsports is still seeking drivers who want to compete for the 2017 ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards campaign. However you must first test to be approved. And we are testing this weekend!

Jent Motorsports has rented the Coastal Pains Raceway in Jacksonville, NC and will have on hand a former Jack Roush Ford Fusion. The car owns three NASCAR Cup wins and a pole with Carl Edwards and will have the Ilmor 396 engine under the hood!

Since ARCA requires a driver to have experience to compete in a series race, they want to see laps at a half mile asphalt track and on an intermediate distance circuit first to be allowed to test at Daytona this coming January. And this weekend Jent Motorsports will take a driver through just about everything involved with an actual event. We’ll practice pit stops as well as pit road speed, the track will have the scoreboard activated for lap times, we will practice following the pace car and will also have full radio communication while behind the wheel, among other things.

To test a driver must furnish their own safety equipment (approved helmet, gloves, shoes and uniform among other  paraphernalia). The cost for 50 laps this weekend on the half mile track is only $1,000.00 but more laps can be purchased. And if a driver does well enough we’ll take the fastest driver in testing at Daytona in January and put them in our third Ford with a Roush/Yates D3 Legacy engine for the February Daytona ARCA 200! Let’s face it you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal to be approved to run superspeedways!

And to top that off, we’ll have experienced photographers on hand to get your stills and give them to you on the completion of your weekend!

But you’ve got to PM Jent Motorsports or Darrell E. Jent ASAP to fill the last remaining seats for this Saturday and Sunday! Thank you.