Moose & Roush-Yates Hang Ford Tough at Indy

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Team DK-LOK rolled into Indianapolis for the Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200 presented by Federated Car Care with high expectations for the old worn out short track. Late in the final practice the DK-LOK Ford developed a motor problem. The team pulled out all the stops to resolve the issue but there wasn’t enough time to change motors and Thomas “Moose” Praytor would roll off not knowing if the motor would last 2 laps much less 200. The cockpit quickly filled full of smoke and Praytor would come to pit road every 40 laps to dump a bottle of water in his face to clear his eyes. The Moose and the Roush Yates motor proved Ford tough lasting all 200 laps making a last lap pass to finish 19th.

Thomas Praytor at Lucas Oil Raceway 2015

The ARCA Series presented by Menards returned to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for the Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200 presented by Federated Car Care a short track event that Team DK-LOK has excelled at in the 2015 season.

With high expectations Thomas “Moose” Praytor put the DK-LOK Ford through its paces during practice with the Ford not wanting to turn off the corner or tight from the center off. Practice was going to plan until the cockpit filled with smoke during the final practice.

“We had oil everywhere in the trunk, the overflow was full and the vent was pumping out smoke. If we had time we would have changed the motor in our DK-LOK Ford but there wasn’t enough time and we had to band aid up the best we could.”

Expectations quickly went from a top 10 to just making the race. To ensure there was a motor for the race the team made just 1 lap in qualifying starting 23rd.

“My heart just dropped, short tracks have been good to our DK-LOK team and we thought we might have something for them.”

With a 34 car field, points were now the big issue for the DK-LOK team, an early exit would be devastating in the point battle.

With the drop of the green flag it didn’t take long for the cockpit to fill full of smoke from the motor that was going south. The Moose made 40 laps before coming to pit road under green flag for water to clear out his eyes. The move cost the team 3 laps on the board but the Moose found some relief to keep going.

“The smoke was pretty bad and it was burning my eyes but I knew we had to get as many laps as we could to protect our point’s position. If I could get water in my eyes every 40 laps or so I was good to go.”

Thomas Praytor pit stop at Lucas Oil Raceway 2015

The stop sent the DK-LOK to the tail end of the field and the Moose started battling back. With each caution Praytor would bring the DK-LOK For to pit road for service and water without giving up anymore laps on pit road.

Surprisingly the Roush Yates Ford was still running at the halfway point and the old worn out short track started to come to the Moose and his DK-LOK Ford. Praytor started picking off cars and working his way back from last.

In the final green flag run of the night the DK-LOK Ford was turning laps as fast as the leaders and the Roush Yates Ford was not only running but still putting out horsepower.

On the last lap the Moose passed his way in to the 19th position.

“It was a tough night inside the DK-LOK Ford but we didn’t give up and neither did our Roush Yates Ford. These guys build incredible motors that can really take a pounding and keep putting out power. We salvaged a good point’s night on what could have been a disaster.”

Another short week for Team DK-LOK with only 2 days in the Mobile, Alabama shop before heading to Long Pond Pennsylvania and the Mod Space 125 at Pocono Raceway. Saturday’s race will be broadcast live on Fox Sports 2.