Top 10 for Fast Track Racing at Talladega

Fast Track Racing

Ed Pompa scored the second top 10 of his career at Talladega on Saturday, finishing 10th in the General Tire 200. “This is the same car Jason White drove to a 6th place finish at Daytona in February, so it’s definitely a good car”, said Ed.

With an abbreviated track schedule, a 5 minute group practice session was the only pre-race track time, allowing a quick shakedown of the car. “Some of the groups got out together as a drafting pack, which showed in their speeds. When the green came out for our session, Tim Richmond’s #06 didn’t want to start. The rest of us had to scramble to get around and out on the track, so our group was disconnected. I ran a single car run for 5 minutes, while Sean Corr and Jason Kitzmiller teamed up for some drafting.” With no real practice, no qualifying and only the 3rd race of the 2020 season, the starting lineup was based on 2019 owner points as per the ARCA rulebook, giving Ed’s “Green Renewable Inc – Double H Ranch” Chevy a 7th starting spot. “When we qualify on time, I wind up starting farther back. Group plans don’t work, fall apart, change, etc.”

“I started the race and unfortunately let Michael Self get away a little bit, allowing the 69 of Scott Melton to drop into the lower lane ahead of me. On lap 2, Gus Dean came up the middle, making it 3 wide in turn 2. When Gus got by my RR fender, it loosened my car up. When I caught it and corrected, my car washed up a little on the exit of 2, catching the left rear fender of Gus’ car with my right front corner. That definitely got my attention.” With the lead pack steadily pulling away, Ed was just logging laps, trying to stay in a pack. Just before the halfway break, the lead pack would put Ed a lap down.

At the break, bringing the car in for fuel, no tires, the crew found damage to the nose and fender from the incident with Gus Dean. Repairs were completed and back out for the rest of the race. “I didn’t realize I had damaged the fender that badly when I caught Gus. Now I knew why it was so difficult to draft back up to a car. The car was better after the break, but sometime after the break the repair tape came off, and the car was again difficult to draft up. Wound up finishing 10th, after a heated battle with Scott Melton, Eric Caudell and Ryan Huff late in the race. This Talladega race was the hottest I have been in a race car, of course, I’ve never been to Iowa for those races. The General Tires were great for the entire race, never changed them. The car was perfect all day, the driver, not so much. If I can walk away from Talladega with minor fender damage and a top 10, that’s a win to me. Same car will be going to Pocono this week.”