Tricky Triangle Whips Praytor Again

Max Force Racing 20th Anniversary

After taking a whipping in the Spring race at the Tricky Triangle, Thomas “Moose” Praytor and his DK-LOK team went back to Mobile starting with a clean piece of paper for the second installment. A lot of hard work in the shop and at the track yielded the same results another whipping by the track that only has three turns.

Off the trailer the DK-LOK Ford was decent but as rubber was laid down on the track by a big field of cars during practice, the handling of the Ford kept getting worse.

“We made a good first lap, then we were chasing it. After practice we changed almost everything trying to get our DK-LOK Ford to turn.”

Thomas PraytorAs can be seen by the picture above there weren’t many parts of the car that didn’t get attention before qualifying. New shocks, gear, springs, wedge and a change in rear steer all in the hour between practice and in line time for qualifying.

“The guys worked their butts off changing the car and when you make those kind of changes all at once it’s either going to be really good or really bad. We solved the car not turning but we went way too far!”

With a loose, loose race car Praytor timed in 28th.

The team made as many changes as they could post qualifying but there was still a ways to go. They needed a little help with some early cautions to make changes to get where they needed to be.

As usual if you need cautions they don’t come and the ModSpace 150 went all the way past the halfway point before the first caution. Praytor brought the DK-LOK Ford to pit road for Sunoco Fuel and changes.

With a much improved Ford Praytor was picking off competitors on the track working his way back up to 22nd at the checkered flag.

“Just really a demoralizing day. We had a lot of time to work on this car to get it right and we just struggled. Then our guys worked over time making changes for the race and we went too far. A lot of effort went in to our DK-LOK Ford to have the results we had. The Tricky Triangle won again but we’ll be back.”

Another short week in Mobile before the team heads to Winchester Speedway.