Williams and Crew Enjoy the Big Cup at Six Flags

Josh Williams at Six Flags ARCA

It would make sense that after you spend 200 miles driving 2 wide 3 wide and 4 wide on the thrill ride that was the General Tire 200 at Talladega Superspeedway that roller coasters would be the next item on the agenda.

With a little time off before the Menards 200 at Toledo Speedway Josh Williams and a band of his heartiest Little Team That Could ventured to Six Flags to decompress from the intensity of Talladega.

“We’ve got a group of guys that have been together a long time and we’re more like family than anything else. We race together, travel together, fuss together and we have a lot of fun together too,” offered Williams. “I’m kinda an adrenaline junky and I’m all in on the roller coasters, Batman, Superman you name it.”

After a brief day of fun at Six Flags the Musselmans Big Cup Applesauce team was back at work in the shop preparing for Toledo, New Jersey, Pocono and Michigan all to be run within a 21 day period. “DJ (Johnson) and our guys know how hard this stretch is and we are working on all of our cars to have them ready for these three weeks. We can’t win the Championship in this stretch but we can dang sure loose it if we aren’t prepared.”

Toledo speedway host the Menards 200 presented by Federated Car Care on May 22nd live on the American Sports Network.

Picture left to right: John Holmes, Adam Nelson, Trazia Morgan, Josh Williams